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Simplify Your Export Import with Andalin

Simplify Your Export Import with Andalin

With only a few clicks, you will be able to receive multiple offerings for your import or export shipping requirements, enabling you to save time and select the service which best suits your needs.

Ship with Us

Ship with Us

Andalin partners with prominent local and international freight forwarders who are trusted and highly reliable in their scope of work. Together, we provide the best in class service for our customers.

Personalize Your Shipment

Personalize Your Shipment

We offer special services for customers who want to personalize their shipping, We will ensure your goods arrive safely at your destination.

Shipping Consultations

We offer end-to-end shipping consultations for all of your shipments' problems. We will ensure all of our customers get the best services, with the best prices, and convenience for all of our services.

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Instant Price

Get our special rates immediately for your one time shipping needs

Request for Quotation

Request for Quotation (RFQ) is a one time shipping solution with best prices


Contract menu allows you to find reliable services from Andalin to handle your multiple shipping for a certain period

Get all the Best Features in One Platform

Place Your Order in an Instant
Forget how conventional do their works which take a few days to provide rates. With Andalin, customers can get the best rates in an instant

Ship With Us

Andalin strives to provide the best rates and services to our customers.

Track Your Shipment

Andalin has a tracking feature that gives easiness for our customers to track where the goods are in real time.

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