Gain Access to Worldwide Customer with Alibaba Gold Supplier

Gold Supplier is a paid membership for suppliers on who have a serious interest in doing business with global buyers

Touch Your Worldwide Customer with X Andalin Exclusive Membership

Andalin officially partnering with by becoming its authorised channel partner in Indonesia
Bridging the needs of SMEs in gaining international markets, Andalin x partnership aiming to open export markets for SMEs and make Indonesia export great again

Found in 1999, is a web based marketplace that targeting on business to business level
As the leading platform for global wholesaler trade, it serves millions of buyers and supplier from all around the world by giving the tools necessary to reach their product's global audience and helping SMEs to export and expanding their global market

Why Become a Gold Supplier ?

By becoming a Gold Supplier, you will get many exclusive benefits that will help you to reach your potential worldwide buyers
Start from IDR 65.000 per day, Gold Supplier can make offers for your potential buyers
Over 85% of buyers prefer trade with Gold Supplier, because the supplier has been checked and verified
Gold Supplier enables you to find worldwide potential buyer and consequently, you will get more requests
Open the possibility to become one of the top 10 sellers with Gold Supplier

Success Story

“I have already made sales to buyers in both France and Spain with the help of”

- CV. Safgo

CV. Safgo is located in Indonesia and produces baskets, reed diffusers and coffins from environmentally friendly materials. One of my friends recommended that I should join One of the features of the platform that interested me was the RFQ service that allowed buyers to actively seek you and request a quote. I was also interested by the professional services offered by the team.

One of the obstacles to my success was a lack of exposure for my business. However, after consulting with team, I was able to improve the keywords used for my products when searching on Now when buyers search for my products, my business is on the first page of results.

After becoming a Gold Supplier on, I received a lot more inquiries from Australia, Europe and India. I am now contacted by more serious buyers than before gaining the Gold Supplier status. I have already made sales to buyers in both France and Spain with the help of

“By joining, we no longer need to spend money on advertising and we can reach new customers on the global market.”

- PT Telenetina Sarana Teknik Utama

PT Telenetina Sarana Teknik Utama was founded in 1998 in Indonesia. The company trades, manufactures and imports laboratory equipment and industrial machinery. As a manufacturer, we produce wooden handcrafted educational model aircraft, R/C model airplanes, carbon fiber propellers and UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles). We welcome customer designs and can manufacture customized products.

In 2013, we became an Alibaba Gold Supplier. We were soon getting about 10 serious inquiries per month and receiving one order per month. We sell our products mainly to Asia and Australia. This year, we have received an order worth US$150,000 from Jordan. By joining, we no longer need to spend money on advertising and we can reach new customers on the global market.

"After joining, my business grew by 70 percent"

- CV Dwira Jepara

I started my business in the furniture industry 14 years ago in Jepara, Indonesia. I began by selling to the domestic market only. In 2012, I heard about through Google and was eager to learn more about it. I started to learn about e-commerce and how it could give me great opportunities on the global market. I decided to join as a Gold Supplier and we were soon averaging 130 inquiries per month.

After joining, my business grew by 70 percent. In the first year, I gained buyers in England and South Korea. Now, I get more than 100 inquiries each month and ship around 2-3 containers of my products. One buyer in South Korea has become a loyal customer and orders 2-3 containers of products each month. Through using the platform, my annual income increased by up to 70 percent and this year I plan to open a new warehouse. Because of this expansion, my sister has also joined as a Gold Supplier and my company is the first in Indonesia to have two Gold Supplier accounts on

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